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Organic Excellence

Our passion, cosmetopeia & the organic


Our history

Novantic Cosmetics was born from the dream of our CEO, Madame Errakhaoui-Mura Fatima and her idea of bringing together two worlds, until now diametrically opposed, that of cosmetopeia and modern cosmetics. Having grown up with aunts from Berber tribes, from a very young age, she learned to solve her own hair and dermatological problems, rather with natural solutions, than with mainstream products. Argan oil has been used and mastered for millennia, before arriving in our pharmacies and supermarket shelves. Like thousands of other forgotten or little-known raw materials. Passionate about history and travel, Fatima therefore linked all these passions and was able to reinforce her idea that, like pharmacopoeia, cosmetopoeia had its place and was even very underestimated. On the other side of the mirror, new characterization techniques, molecular extraction or even NMR, could delve into the hearts of active ingredients and molecules, in order to better study and decipher them. Making significant investments in R&D, it then went to confront the knowledge of the ancients with the science of today. The result... The discovery of new molecules, the creation of new INCI, new patents and above all, a new way of making effective and organic cosmetics. Reboosted Cosmetopeia and Organic Advenced Reserach were born. 

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Our Technology

Our success is due to our audacity. By searching for old recipes, in bibliographical collections, in history books, while still sharing in the field, with the wealth of the peoples of the world, we have rediscovered ancient, forgotten raw materials. Thanks to significant investments in R&D, we take the financial risk of looking for something where no one would dare. We are experts in plant extraction, characterization and NMR analysis. Using these technologies, we delve into the heart of molecules, in order to better study and control them. Our know-how goes much further, because we also know how to reboost and combine them, in order to imagine superb creations. The Deep Smooth is proof of that. Our knowledge of raw materials and organic active ingredients gives us a significant technological lead in meeting the needs of the current market. As proof, we register our own INCI and our creations are subject to patent registration. Finally, our team is made up of the best researchers in the field: CNRS researcher/cosmetic engineer/toxicologist/etc. The future of cosmetics lies in organic formulation, in organic products, but also in effectiveness, traceability, exemplarity and simplicity. With all these parameters, we have created two new types of cutting-edge cosmetics. Advanced Organic Research (search for new organic molecules) and Cosmétopée Reboostée (Improvement of old forgotten active ingredients). 

5-Ethico-responsible :Our harvests are zero carbon, carried out by hand, our transport is zero carbon, our cooperatives are direct-trade, we replant more than we take, we are committed to combating desertification, we develop independent collateral solidarity economies. We make products with a positive impact. 

4 - Transparency :We offer our customers a rare experience in cosmetics. Traceability, allowing raw materials to be followed from their plantation to their consumption. 

1 -Efficiency:We only produce products whose effectiveness has been confirmed by numerous independent laboratory tests. 

2-The simplicity : Our labels are simplified, with as few INCI as possible.

3 -Qualities : Our raw materials are most often used raw, undergoing as little processing as possible. 

Our Commitments/Our Singularity

6-Irreproachability:All our creations must obtain certifications, organic, Ecocert, Bio and obtain scores of 100/100 on Yuca. 

7-Anhydrous:Water is precious, this is why, once again Novantic Cosmetics, makes immeasurable efforts in R&D, so that all these formulations are anhydrous. An anhydrous product, if it is well made, actually consumes less water, but above all does not have preservatives, alcohol or synthetic perfumes.  

A Committed Brand

Vue aérienne des îles


We are revolutionizing cosmetics, butiff the ethics that accompanies it. 


A new cosmetic where the promotion of fair tradeitable with the world, goes hand in hand with the conservation of resources and the balance of ecosystems. This vision transcends every aspect of our identity, from sourcing to manufacturing.ception. No cosmetics and philosophysophie Bio, without commitment. We are committed to stopping our productions, arrived at the point of seasonal yield. A first forcosmetic brand. 

Novantic Cosmetics is engaged in three major actions, which define our ecological charter.



Replanting program / Fight against desertification / Agriculture & zero carbon harvest / Organic Agriculture / Development of cosmetopean agriculture

- Replanting is our first priority. Beyond fighting desertification and promoting the absorption of CO2, The impact of a planted tree has an incredible butterfly effect.

Shade crops become possible, herds can graze again, crops become possible, life reappears. Improving the lives of rural populations promotes new economies, thus fighting against poverty and malnutrition, while preserving the planet. 

- All our harvests are done by hand, then transported by electric vehicles. We are doing everything we can to never again impact/pollute ecosystems, whatever the cost.




Rural Development Support Foundation / Associated crops (development of parallel economies) / Job creation / Creation ofclean nuts cooperatives / Fair Trade/DirectTrade Economy

- Sharing is the first word of this programme and oursecond priority. Creating a foundation, in order to redistribute part of our profits, was obvious to us. Encourage the creation of schools, improve sanitary conditions or even provide access to wells. By creating our own cooperatives, we protect these resources and provide women and men with employment and a fair income. Creation of new jobs, fair trade economy, support foundation. Sharing, out of solidarity and fairness, is our culture.

- Education and information are the keys to a prosperous future and intelligent development. Our investments and our positive actions allow us to have a positive influence on local populations and allow us to be listened to. THE helping to develop associated cultures, or even teaching them to create new cosmetic supply chains is also a logic which is part of the continuity of our eco-responsible program. Creating new jobs with positive ecological vocations and impacts, what could be better?for people and the planet...

Planète en plastique



Protection / Eco-responsible development / Zero carbon logistics  / Eco-responsible packaging

Creating natural cosmetics is good, doing it while taking care of the planet is even better. We are committed, whatever the cost, to having a zero carbon footprint. Utopian? No ! Today, electric logistics is possiblesible. Natural packaging exists. Favor harvesting by hand, a choice. Like our products, these eco-responsible choices extend production and delivery times. We are not looking to create an affordable price, or to produce quantity. Being part of an eco-responsible approach is no longer a choice, but a priority, an awareness from the producer to the consumer. As a cosmetics brand, we are upstream of these ecological responsibilities. It is no longer a question of cost, but a question of priority and will.

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